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Foam Build Kit

5 Star Review

Looking to start working with foam or build one of our patterns? Look no further. Our cosplay foam kit has everything you need in it to create one of our premium patterns or build something completely your own—You just supply the paint.

What can this kit build?

Our kits come with all the supplies and materials you need to tackle small to medium-sized projects such as helmets, hats, masks, bracers, boot covers, weaponry, jewelry, props and much more.


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Cosplay Supplies. Simplified.

Meet the perfect kit for the beginner foamsmith. Containing all the essential cosplay supplies and materials to get started working with foam, this cosplay foam kit takes all the best elements from our previous kits and combines them into a compact and affordable-to-ship solution.

Foam Build Kit Box Size
Foam Build Kit Contents

Get started with just one click.

We did all the work for you. We found the essential supplies and materials to get you started and put them into one box.  Each cosplay foam kit comes with:


  • EVA Foam
  • Cutting Mat
  • Contact Cement
  • Craft Knife Set
  • Wood Burning Tool
  • Foam Marking Pen
  • Sandpaper
  • Gap & Seam Filler
  • Foam Sealer
  • Synthetic Brushes
  • Masking Tape
  • Free Premium Digital Download
Foam Build Kit Box

One box. Double duty.

We know not everyone has 500 sq ft rooms dedicated to crafting, so use your new mailer box to keep all your crafting supplies in until you upgrade your craft storage game. Knowing where each of your supplies are and keeping them organized is key to keeping a tidy workspace.

CraftCosplay USPS Shipping

Fast, convenient shipping.

We aren't Amazon and we're not trying to be. We may not be able to offer free same-day shipping, but what we can offer our is great customer service with next-day processing and 2-day Priority Shipping with the USPS on each of our cosplay foam kits.

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Free Premium Pattern

Free Premium Pattern

With the purchase of each kit, you receive a coupon code for one free digital download pattern from our shop as well special access to our CraftCosplay Downloads where you will find lots of helpful cosplay resources.

EVA38 Foam Sheets

EVA38 Foam

3 – 18"x12"x6mm Sheets
1 – 18"x12"x2mm Sheet

Our EVA38 Foam is the perfect primer to get started in building with foam. It's affordable, durable, cuts smoothly and creates clean edges for glueing. Start with this foam and move up to our EVA60 rolls to continue creating with supplies from the cosplay foam kit.

*Due to supply chain shortages, color may vary. Alternate neutral color may be supplied.

Black Cutting Mat

Cutting Mat

18" x 12"

A self healing cutting mat is the perfect accessory for keeping work surfaces protected from cuts and heat. Crafted from non-slip vinyl this perfect for travel cutting mat features a 11" x 17" 1-inch grid with ruler edges in both metric and standard measurements, and 45°/60° angled lines.

Craft Cosplay Contact Cement

Contact Cement Adhesive

3 oz – DAP Weldwood

Instantly bonds on contact and creates an especially permanent bond on foam, while it can also be used on a variety of other materials. Keep the lid tight to extend its shelf life or use with squeeze bottle or glue pot, although a handy applicator brush is located in the lid.

CraftCosplay Wood Burning Tool

Wood Burning Tool

Chicago Electric 

This 30 watt 5-in-1 hobby tool is the perfect tool to both slice through foam with ease, creating precise and quick undercuts and surface details like battle damage, while being your go-to tool for more advance LED soldering projects. And it comes in one pretty cool durable travel case perfect for taking to conventions.

Precision Knife Set

Craft Knife Set

13 pc – Gordon

Never use a dull blade again with this multi-piece precision knife set featuring 3 handles and 10 assorted blades. Each blade design is useful for various types of foam cuts. Keep them all stored safely and securely in their very own snap case.

Foam Marking Pen

Foam Marking Pen

Art Alternatives Permanent Marker

Nothing is more frustrating that transferring a template to foam with a pen that doesn't show up or that doesn't work properly. Stop struggling to see your pen marks or with a thick silver paint pen that never works correctly on the foam. This medium tip marker leaves a subtle, but noticeable line every time on your craft foam.

Black Sandpaper

Multi-Use Sandpaper

5.5" x 8.5" Sheets

Our Medium, Fine & Extra Fine assorted sandpaper is the perfect tool to help shape fine details, refine edges and corners and smooth surfaces to take paint. Each kit comes with 1 sheet of 100 grit, 150 grit and 220 grit paper.

Kwik Seal Caulk

Gap & Seam Filler

5.5 fl oz – Kwik Seal

This bonds like a glue and seals like a caulk, strengthening joints, while allowing them to become less visible. The foam joint remains flexible and can then be lightly sanded and sealed before finishing with paint. The perfect addition to any cosplay foam kit.

Craft Cosplay Matt Mod Podge

Foam Sealer

4 oz Bottle – Mod Podge

This non-toxic sealer dries clear in approximately 15-20 minutes and can be sanded to a smooth finish. Apply with synthetic brush or sponge applicator to avoid brush strokes. Use as a foam sealer or for a quick textured or build-up finish.

Synthetic Brushes

Synthetic Brushes

Royal 4 pc Flat Brush Set

Stock your studio with this four-piece paintbrush set to meet nearly all of your needs. This assortment includes wash, round, and shader brushes with brown Taklon fibers for versatile application of your favorite acrylic paints and sealer on foam. Clean thoroughly with cold water after each use.

Cosplay Masking Tape

Masking Tape

3/4" x 60 yrd Roll

This is a crafting staple and we'd be doing you a disservice not to include it with your kit. Use it for taping patterns, creating templates, stabilizing hot glued undercuts while drying, painting and finishing and anything else this workhorse is capable of. We go through a roll a week sometimes!

CraftCosplay The Batman 2022 Torso Armor Pattern

Digital Download

CraftCosplay Premium Pattern

By purchasing a kit, you automatically get instant access to free digital resources from our site. You also will receive one Premium Pattern coupon that will be sent to you upon completion of your order so don't forget to look for both the coupon and the access code in your order confirmation email.

5 Star Review

Best full starter kit I've found, very few other things needed!

— Alex in Wisconsin

5 Star Review

Absolutely wonderful, excellent kit, top notch value.

— Michael in Oregon

5 Star Review

This is a well put together kit that does arrive with everything needed to start foam crafting. They really did think of everything and I am very happy with the purchase. Highly recommended!

— Eric in Virginia

5 Star Review

Thanks to this kit I have all the necessary tools to teach myself how to make armor. Thank you for this!

— Jill in Michigan

5 Star Review

These boxes are perfect. I highly recommend for anyone who is starting out in prop making. What’s great about these is they come with the basics to get you started!

— David in New York

5 Star Review

This is the perfect way to begin. When I buy things I have analysis paralysis. This kit is jam packed with all the goodies you need. My daughter was so excited to get this for her birthday! We started on a project right away!

— Benjamin in Missouri

5 Star Review

I love the kit!

— Sage in Illinois

5 Star Review

Good variety for a beginning crafter.

— Robin in California

5 Star Review

Great starter set for my first attempt at making my own cosplay. It' arrived much faster than I expected, arrived two days after being shipped out.

— Kenardo in Tennessee

5 Star Review

Always arrives fast and with everything you need to start/bolster your kit.

— Carl in DC

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